EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam

European-made, especially for our demand, high quality EVA foams are used for foot orthoses, prosthetic devices, orthopedic and footcare, footware applications for a variety of uses. EVA foam is lightweight and has excellent mechanical and physical properties, it is easily fabricated and can be cut, shaped and welded. 

We are offering different density EVA blocks and sheets.

Our EVA sheets are mainly used as a material in itself or can be combined with other materials in producing of insoles in shoe production and in orthotic service. Our EVA sheet range include different hardness, thickness, dimensions, colours sheets and blocks. 

Our EVA milling blocks are used in producing custom-made insoles, milling EVA orthotics, it is suitable for all type of milling machine. Different density and dimensions, anti-dust versions are available.