Supplementary products

tesa adhesive tapes 

Tesa self-adhesive products for all kinds of industries optimize production processes and enhance the quality of the final products. That is why tesa self-adhesive tapes are used successfully in many sectors to solve a variety of problems.

Tesa double sided tapes provide innovative and economical methods of fixing, mounting and joining. Immediate use, speed, easy application without tools are some of the advantages of the tesa double sided tapes. The clean, quick and durable results offered by the use of tesa double sided tapes are recognised by many manufacturers in leather-production and leather goods and footwear industries. The clean, quick and easy bonding application is the most important advantage in orthotic sector. 

We are offering wide range of different tesa articles – tesa tape solutions for leather, footwear industry and orthotic sectors, such as 4965, 4964, 4651, 4970, 4863, 4914, 4541, 51570, 4432, 4319 and others.