Our high quality microfiber synthetic leathers are applicable on the same fields as the genuine leathers.

We are offering microfibers for the following purposes:
- comfort and fashion shoe production (linings and upper leathers).

High quality microfiber  synthetic shoe linings

We are offering different types of microfiber synthetic shoe linings:
- microfiber synthetic cow lining,
- microfiber synthetic cow split,
- microfiber synthetic pig lining,
- absorbent microfiber synthetic lining (microfiber shoe lining),
- suede microfiber synthetic shoe lining,
- microfiber synthetic sheep lining and upper,
- perforated microfiber synthetic linings.

Best choice for comfort shoe-lining

The high quality Absorbent Microfiber Synthetic Lining (microfiber synthetic shoe lining) is breathable with high water-absorption capacity. It offers maximum comfort and complete dryness for the foot:
- absorbs moisture,
- breathable,
- odourless.