Adhesive solutions for footwear and leather goods industry

Our company is the exclusive distributor of Spanish INSOCO, S.L., who has more than 50 years experience in the manufacture of adhesives for industry. INSOCO adhesives offers industry leading in the sectors of leather, footwear and leather goods. INSOCO brand is synonymous with high quality products, it is accompanied by a technician service and other developed customer-focused, flexible solutions.

We are offering wide range of solvent-based adhesives and water-based adhesives for the following working processes:
- general bonding,
- contact bonding,
- sole bonding,
- sole bonding with halogenations,
- upper preparation,
- general upper bonding,
- upper construction (toe cup).

Take care of yours and your colleagues’ health! We are offering wide range of water-based adhesives.

INSOCO, S.L. is a pioneer in the development of ecological water-based adhesives, thus demonstrating their concern for the environment and sustainable development.